Energy and Climate Protection

One of the major challenges of our day and age is the efficient and sustainable use of the resources available to us while considering the economic and social environment we are living in. Our work focuses on national and international projects dealing with issues of energy efficiency, renewable energy resources and climate protection.


We develop solutions by looking at buildings, facilities, process technology and user profiles in an integrated way while considering economic and ecological parameters. Thus, sustainable energy savings and optimized costs will not remain mere buzzwords.

Energy Performance Certificate

Energy Performance Certificates for residential and non-residential buildings    

Energy Audit

Energy Audits for companies in accordance with the Energy Efficiency Act (EEffG) for the sectors buildings, products and processes and transport

Energy Consulting

We identify your energy savings and eligible funding mechanisms


Climate Protection

In most cases, CO2 emissions cannot be entirely avoided. EEC assists its clients in calculating and reducing their carbon footprint and in choosing eligible projects to offset their CO2 emissions. For a quick calculation and an immediate offsetting of your carbon footprint, please visit our Carbon Footprint Calculator.

Corporate Carbon Footprint / Product Carbon Footprint 

We calculate your corporate or product carbon footprint and guide you towards climate neutrality

Carbon Offsetting

You are looking for carbon credits suitable for your business?  We will be happy to support you!

Carbon Offset Projects

Buy carbon credits from carbon projects that adhere to internationally recognised standards to protect the planet and transform lives


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