Corporate Carbon Footprint / Product Carbon Footprint

Knowing and optimizing the carbon footprint of your own company (Corporate Carbon Footprint (CCF)) and your own products (Product Carbon Footprint (PCF)) is becoming increasingly important for companies.  A low carbon footprint or climate neutrality has become a key criterion within supply chains and for consumers. 

In addition, the greenhouse gas declaration is an essential element in connection with

• EU reporting obligations - European Sustainability Reporting Standards (ESRS) (sustainability reporting)

•  Environmental and energy management systems (ISO 14001, ISO 50001)

•  EU Taxonomy Regulation

•  Strategic planning, investment planning and the identification of risks

The calculation of the footprint includes not only CO2, but also other climate-damaging gases such as methane or HFCs. These are converted into carbon dioxide equivalents (CO2e).  Furthermore, not only direct emissions are taken into account, but also emissions from upstream and downstream processes.

We calculate your company footprint and / or the product carbon footprint in accordance with the GHG Protocol and DIN/ÖN EN ISO 14064-1 or DIN/ÖN EN ISO 14067 and support you with verification in accordance with ISO 14064-3.

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The calculation tool we have developed, together with the report created, provides a 100% transparent and comprehensible database for external verification and your ESRS reports.

We analyze the footprint and develop optimization proposals to achieve your climate targets. Unavoidable emissions can be offset via a large selection of available high-quality, certified offset projects (Gold Standard, VCS, etc.).

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