Carbon Offsetting - Carbon Credits

For enterprises, organisations and individuals the reduction of their Carbon Footprint is an important step to more sustainability and on the way to climate neutrality. But in most cases, CO2 emissions cannot be entirely avoided.

By investing in carbon credits you offset your Carbon Footprint and help to fight climate change and to improve the living conditions of people in the project areas for example by increasing living standards, allowing access to education, creating jobs, improving health conditions or infrastructure and further more.

Most of the projects adhere to internationally recognised standards, e.g. the Gold Standard. 

Carbon credits frm these Projects are registered with a unique number so that every involved party can check the status of their credits. Public registries ensure transparency, and that carbon credits are not double counted and are attributed to one single owner at any point in time.

More information on our projects you find on Carbon Offset Projects.

We will be happy to assists you in reducing your carbon footprint and in choosing projects eligible to your business to offset your CO2 emissions. 


Via our Carbon Footprint Calculator and Offset Shop  you directly can calculate and offset your corporate carbon footprint and the footprint of your personal activities. 


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